Why NKP ?

  • Leading by example

    Being an industry leader in any field requires ingenuity and attention on all aspects of business. Being a part of the engineering sector, this holds especially true for us. We have always set the highest goals for ourselves and benchmarked our products against the world's best.

  • Leading with infrastructure

    We are one of the few Indian packaging machinery manufacturers to have such an extensive infrastructure for fabricating machinery and spares. We have 3 dedicated plants with advanced machinery including brand new CNC machines by HAAS, USA, giving us the flexibility to respond to any requirements and challenges.

    Our rapid pace of growth averaging over 50% every year, has meant that we have been expanding regularly and have the ability to scale up as and when required.

  • Leading with quality

    We are fully committed to delivering only the best quality machines to clients and are currently in the process of becoming ISO 9001:2000 compliant. We are one of the few Indian packaging machinery manufacturers to have in-house laboratory and quality testing machines. We are strong believers in TQM (Total Quality Management). From senior management to factory floor workers, each person is committed to delivering only the best.

    Our recent offering of Dry Powder Injectable Line is a case in point. Designed and developed by us, the Line meets international quality standards and is duly manufactured as per guidelines of WHO GMP and has been commissioned in many companies having schedule 'M', WHO & regulatory approvals.

  • Leading by teamwork

    Employees are the real strength of any engineering company and at N.K.P. Pharma Pvt. Ltd., this is doubly true. Dedication to excellence begins at the factory floor. Our team of skilled fabricators and technicians fully believe in the power of systematic working. We are rapidly imbibing the lessons of TQM taking fabrication quality to even greater heights.

    We also have a large team of extremely qualified and experienced designers and engineers giving us R&D excellence. We have improved the designs of many models just in the last few years.The team is open to ideas and thrives on challenges and are capable of delivering a solution to even the most challenging client requirements.

  • Leading with research

    It is one of our company objectives to offer customers a wide range of products through continual research on the next generation of pharmaceutical and other packaging machinery.

    Our initiative to develop our own ideas has led to 3 products being introduced in our range in the last year itself including a Dry Powder Injectable Line. A Shining example of our R&D Strength, the line adheres to international quality standards and is duly following working standard of formulation unit. To reduce time consumed during Installation and Commissioning at customer site, we have set up a well equipped FAT area (Factory Acceptance Test).

  • Leading by service

    Our company motto 'Real quality towards customer rapport' sums up our customer service philosophy succinctly. There are 2 main pillars to our customer service.

    Logistics: We strive to support customers wherever their locations may be and streamline logistics whenever we can.

    Service support: We provide un-matched service support through the product lifecycle. Our plant is geared to make spares as well, and our skilled technicians work to ensure smooth functioning of our products, wherever they may be. We are committed to prompt responses for any query with a maximum response time of 48 working hours.

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