Research & Development

It is one of our company objectives to offer customers a wide range of products through continual research on the next generation of pharmaceutical and other packaging machinery.

Our research expertise is both wide and deep, our team of design engineers has long years of experience in the field and have successfully solved a number of challenges set to us by clients. We also take initiative and develop our own ideas a number of which have also converted into products. We have 3 products in our range over the previous year itself including a Dry Powder Injectable Line. A Shining example of our R&D Strength, the line adheres to international quality standards and is duly following working standard of formulation unit.

Our research team mandate is to:

  • Introduction of Higher Automation to reduce cost, save time & to reduce the involvement of operator in sterile area
  • To increase productivity
  • To reduce the wastage of costly raw material
  • To provide cost effective, technological support to pharma manufacturers

To reduce time consumed during Installation and Commissioning at Customer Site, we have set up a well-equipped FAT area (Factory Acceptance Test). Here, we set up the entire line according to the customers requirements. The line is thoroughly tested to ensure the reliability of the product.

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