Vial Filling & Sealing Machine, Vial Washing Labelling & Inspection Machines

The pharmaceutical packaging machine includes a number of machines that perform the entire operation, starting from sterilizing until the inspection of the final packaged product. Some of the machines are vial filling and sealing machine, vial washing machine, vial labeling machine, self adhesive labeling machine, vial inspection machine, etc. The vial washing machine is used for cleaning the vials in order to make it sterile for pharmaceutical applications. Vial filling machine is used for filling the vials with the contents that could be in the form of liquid, dry syrup powder, injectable powder, etc. Vial sealing machine, on the other hand, is a highly automated equipment for placing stoppers on top of the vials in order to seal them. For placing labels on the vials, vial labeling machine is used. Labels are used to display some necessary product information. The vial inspection machine checks for any faults in the vial that may have occurred in the production line during the manufacturing process.

Vial Washing Machine

Vial cleaning or washing machine makes the surface free from any traces of contaminant that can seriously damage the integrity of the product. It is a primary step that needs to be carried out before further applications on vial take place. The vial cleaning machine makes use of jets for washing vials. It also has a brushing arrangement for removing the dust from the outer surface. The main feature of this vial washing machine is the presence of air knives. They dry the vials after going through the water jets during cleaning.

Vial Washing Machine for Pharmaceutical Industry

Vial Filling & Sealing Machine

After the vials are washed properly, they are then filled with their respective content with the help of vial filling machine. NKP Pharma, as quality vial filling machine manufacturers, ensure that the machine performs accurate and precise operations with no wastage of raw materials. After the completion of the filling process, the vials are sealed by placing stoppers on the vial head. The sealing machine has no vial machine stop sensor, which makes sure that the machine stops operating once it does not encounter any vials.

Vial Labeling Machine

The vial labeling machine is used to put label around the vials to specify product and company details. Self Adhesive Vial labeller has a tool less guide that ensures easy change over. The labels are printed through inkjet printer providing high clarity and readable stickers. Vial labelling machine also comprises of a camera in order to inspect whether the stickers are placed properly on all vials or not. The main feature of this vial labeler is the sensor for ‘Rejection Bin full’ detection. It rejects those vials in which the labels are not placed properly. Apart from this, the self adhesive labeling machine also generates a report at the end of the operation citing all the details.

Vial Inspection Machine

The vial inspection machine comes into play once the vials are washed, filled, sealed, and labelled. It checks whether the vials are fault-free or not. The faults can be of any type like breakage of glass, improper filling, no stickers, etc. The visual inspection machine requires very little human intervention for vial checking and hence experiences less human error.

The Bottom-Line: NKP pharma has proved its mettle in the market by manufacturing premium grade packaging machineries for pharmaceutical applications. Some of our machines that are in heavy demand are vial filling and sealing machine, vial washing machine, vial labeling machine, self adhesive labeling machine, vial inspection machine. These machines perform the required operations ensuring high output rate and long durability.

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