Different Types of Powder Filling Machine

The powder filling machine is one of the most important packaging machines and finds extensive application in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. It performs the operation of filling up the containers with the content that are pulverized in the powder form. The powder filling machine encompasses a wide range of powdered and free-flowing granulated products. It is very important to make sure that these filling machines perform precise operations & have the ability to handle the powder better. The powders used are generally very expensive. Any wastage or mishandling may cause the manufacturers heavy losses. Powder filling machine can be of many types like- Auger type powder filling machine, Injectable dry powder filling machine, Dry syrup powder filling machine, Vacuum powder filling machine, Bulk powder filling machine, Capsule powder filling machine, etc.

Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

Auger type powder filling machine is the preferred choice of equipment for all dairy products having the consistent granule size. It can fill the powders in bottles, cans, jars, tubs, etc. The operation of filling is absolutely drip free and accurate in weight. There is a provision of changing the speed of the operation in auger type powder filler and it gives the operator an option to select from different speed range. The machine apart from filling performs an accurate measurement. The sensors present in it makes sure that the fill volume is as per the required mark for different powder products.
The auger type powder filling machine has several benefits. It has a very condensed structure that makes its movement very smooth and less problematic. The working speed of the machine is quite high with very little friction.

Auger Type Powder Filler Machine

Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine

Injectable dry powder filling machine enjoys extensive application in the pharmaceutical industries due to its ability to perform fast and precise operations. The operation of the machine ensures that negligible wastage of the powders occurs. This powder filler machine also comprises a rubber stoppering mechanism. The mechanism allows for placing rubber caps on the containers once they are filled with the powders. Rubber caps prevent the powders from getting in contact with the contaminants and getting adulterated.

Dry Syrup Filling Machine

The dry syrup filling machine is used to fill the containers with dry syrup powders. They are highly preferred for pharmaceutical applications. Before the containers are filled with the dry syrup powders, they are sterilized properly so that they do not contain any contaminants. The filling machine is used to fill the vials and ampoules with free flow or non- free flow powder. It is a highly automated machine and is quite easy to handle as well.

The Bottom-Line: NKP Pharma manufactures & supplies various pharmaceutical packaging machinery. These machines are of the highest quality and provide assurance of durability and high production rates. Our advanced manufacturing facilities are one of the major reasons that the equipments are laced with all the modern devices and technology. The powder filling machine by NKP Pharma boasts of excellent workability. Apart from filling the containers with the powders, they also perform an additional operation of placing caps over the head of the container to protect the bottles or vials from adulteration.

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