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NKP Pharma is often considered as a world leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging machinery. For over 25 years, we have strived hard to develop sophisticated technologies to ensure that the machines produced are of superior quality and cost-effective. Average growth of 50% every year, for the past 10 years, is an indicator of the quality of our products and their acceptance in the market amongst the clients. Our R&D department provides us an edge by developing prototypes that aid in increasing the productivity of the machine and reduce the waste materials generated by them. The main aim is to increase automation in these machines in order to save operation time that eventually leads to a reduction in cost.

With the requirement of medicines increasing day by day, it is very important for the pharmaceutical industries or companies to keep up with this need. The manufacturers, therefore, have the challenge to produce such machinery that is capable of performing the desired operation by maintaining hygiene and yield high output. Hygiene is a very important parameter for any pharmaceutical application. Even a small amount of contaminant can lead to starting of microbial activity in the formulations, which has the ability to compromise its medicinal value. NKP Pharma, as a packaging machinery manufacturer, takes into account these important parameters to develop eminent machines for unparalleled performance.

Machinery Offered at NKP Pharma

NKP Pharma, with its state of the art manufacturing facilities, offers a wide spectrum of packaging machinery that boasts of superlative quality and performance. The product range includes- Washing Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Inspection Machine, Dry Powder Filling Machine, Sealing Machine, Labeling Machine, Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine, External Vial Washing & Drying Machine, and Carton Coding Machine.

Washing Machine: Washing machine is used to clean the vial surfaces and remove any dust particles or contaminants present. Washing is considered the primitive and most important step in order to make sure that the vials are free from adulteration before filling it with the required content.

There are two types of washing machine offered by NKP Pharma, namely- Automatic linear vial washing machine, and Automatic Airjet cleaning machine. The linear vial washing machine has the capability of attending between 12 to 240 vials per minute. It has a sturdy structure having working direction from left to right.

Airjet cleaning machine makes use of a series of jets to clean the vials. These jets blow compressed air into the bottles to create a vacuum that removes all the contaminants.

Liquid Filling Machine: Liquid Filling machines are used to fill the vials with the desired content. Pharmaceutical industries generally use this machine to fill the vials with suitable drug or medication. NKP Pharma supplies filling machine for liquids that have a provision of positioning cap over the vials using pick and place mechanism. The stoppers are placed in order to prevent the vial content from any sort of leakages. Several variants of the liquid filling machine are supplied having multiple heads in order to achieve higher production rates. An automatic injectable liquid filling with rubber stoppering & sealing machine is a multipurpose machine that performs liquid filling, placing rubber stoppers, and sealing the vials.

Inspection Machine: The Inspection machine is employed for scrutinizing vials for any defects. For any pharmaceutical industry, patient safety holds utmost importance. Even the smallest of the defects can have adverse effects on the quality of the product. Therefore, once the vials are sealed, the inspection machine checks for any defects regarding breakage, filling, or any other issues that can compromise the quality of the product. Examining the defects in the visual inspection machine is carried out visually so that minimum loss occurs due to the faulty products.

Summary: NKP Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical packaging machine manufacturers in the world. The different packaging machines offered are- Washing Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Inspection Machine, Dry Powder Filling Machine, Sealing Machine, Labeling Machine, Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine, External Vial Washing & Drying Machine, and Carton Coding Machine.

The washing machine is used to wash the vials thoroughly to remove any contaminants. Liquid filling machine fills these vials with the desired content. It also has a provision of placing rubber stoppers to prevent any sort of leakage. Inspection machine is used to check for the vials after being sealed for any defects.

The Bottom Line: NKP Pharma, since its inception in 1988, has taken giant strides in order to be the world leaders in manufacturing packaging machine for pharmaceutical applications. Our machinery boasts of sturdy structure, high-grade raw materials, and durability. We realize that hygiene plays a major role in medications and hence it is ensured that the machines developed at our advanced facilities maintain sterility while performing the required operations.

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