Ampoule Filling, Screw Capping & Track & Trace System for Multiple Operations

In industries, there are many machineries been used that helps to reduce the manual work and makes the task gets completed faster. There are different machineries like ampoule filling machine, screw capping machine, track and trace system are widely been used in different industries. The working principle of these machines have helped industries increase their productivity in turn reducing the time of filling, capping and labeling of the product. This article aims at the working principle of ampoule filling machine, screw capping machine, track and trace system and how it has been helpful in various industries.

Ampoule Filling Machine:

Mostly, in pharmaceutical industries ampoule filling machine is widely been used and also plays a crucial role in filling the products. Other than this, the ampoule filler is also used in cosmetic, biotech and chemical industries. The working principle of ampoule filling and sealing machine includes as the ampoules travel with the help of slant bed.  With this, the ampoules moves further and is been filled with the help of the filler. During the filling of the ampoules, different factors like neck dimensions, thickness and oval form of the container is also taken into consideration. The filling of the ampoules is been carried out with the help of volumetric pumps present in the machine. In this ampoule filler and sealer machine, it fills at a production rate up to 250 ampoules/min. Hence, is therefore widely been used in pharmaceutical industry.

Screw Capping or Screw Cap Sealing Machine:

For sealing or capping of different types of containers screw capping machine is been used in different industries. There are different types of screw caps for capping with screw capping machine like plastic screw cap, crown cap, tamper proof seals, cork caps etc. For capping the container with the help of screw cap sealing machine, firstly the height of the container needs to be adjusted. The container and the cap get simultaneously passed over the spinning disc of the screw cap sealing machine that is in a rotating motion. The bottle will further move forward to the spindle capper for tightening of the cap of the container. Hence, tightens the container and gives the final output.

Automatic Vial Filling Machine

Track & Trace System:

The track trace system is been developed with the latest technology that includes online carton coding system and offline carton coding system with inspection and rejection system. With the help of different sensors present in the barcoding system, it prints the barcodes on the carton and also detects with the barcode is not printed on a particular carton then detects it from inspection system. Carton coding machine with Inspection and rejection system gives an output of 250 cartons per minute. The machine is been designed with low rejection ratio & needs an electric supply of 2 HP.

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