Automatic External Ampoule Washing & Drying Machine

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Model No. EW - 250
Production Rate Up to 300 Ampoule / Min. for 2ml Ampoule.
Electrical Supply 5.0 HP
Power Requirement 415 Volt, 3 Phase (4 Wire System), 50 Hz
Dimensions 1700 MM (L) X
1100 MM (W) X
1200MM (H)
Net Weight 550 Kgs. (Approx)
Gross Weight 700 Kgs. (Approx)
Ampoule Sizes 1 ml. to 10 ml.


Ampoule Washing Machine - External Ampoule Washer & Drying Machine

Automatic external ampoule washing & drying machine is utilized for washing the external surface of ampoules after it has been filled and sealed. Once the ampoules are sealed, they must be cleaned properly in order to ensure that the labels are visible from outside. The ampoule washing machine has a sleek design and sturdy structure making it an absolute value for money equipment.

The external ampoule washing machine has a production rate of operating on 300 ampoules per minute. It needs an electric supply of 5 HP for ampoule size ranging from 1 ml to 10 ml. It is a highly automated ampoule washer and drying machine and requires fewer workers to operate. The error free operation makes it a must have machinery for all pharmaceutical applications. For the washing procedure, normal water can be utilized.