Importance of Vial Packaging Machine for Business

Product packaging is necessary for several types of businesses and necessary for many different types of products. It is vital to many different industries like food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, etc. The packaging of a vial is different from that of other containers since the product filled in a vial will ideally be liquid in nature.

The same machine cannot be used to fill different types of products. A special set of machines are required for the purpose of vial packaging. This includes filling, self adhesive labelling machine, sealing, etc. A machine useful in the pharmaceutical industry is of no good to the food industry. When it comes to filling machines the type of machine depends a great deal on the viscosity of the liquid.

Important Stats & Facts

  • Packaging machine market was worth $29647 Million in 2016.

  • It is estimated that the packaging machine market will grow at a CAGR of 6.7% during the period between 2016 & 2023.

  • There are an increasing number of applications of packaging machinery in several industries around the world like food & drink, healthcare, cosmetics, and other consumer goods.

  • Packaging machinery is useful for several functions like canning, container cleaning, filling, sealing, and forming.

  • The food & beverages segment played a major role in growth of the packaging machines in 2016; it is expected to grow at CAGR of of 6.6% between 2016 to 2023.

  • As per data collected in 2016 for global packaging machinery market, approximately 63% was for food & beverage industry, 4.9% was for the cosmetic industry, 12.9 for pharmaceutical industry and 4.8% for the chemical industry.

vial filling and sealing machine

Benefits of a Vial Packaging Machine

The Vial filling and sealing machine is one of the most popular machines for liquid products the other being a tube filling machine. For example, a tube filling machine is useful for filling material like grease, creams, etc., while a vial liquid filling machine is useful to fill pharmaceutical products and that in the food industry that is low in viscosity.

The vial bottle washing machine is vital to the packaging industry for the purpose of washing vials as well as bottles. It is implemented in many pharmaceuticals as well as food & beverage industries. An aluminium capping machine (flip off) is useful for the filling process of vials. This machine makes it possible to fill a vial with injectable powder. This machine has special sensors to avoid waste, which means if a vial is not present it will not automatically start filling.

A good packaging is vital to success of any business, which becomes clearer from the following facts:

  • Labelling that is creative and of high quality will be appealing to an average customer and hence is more effective.

  • The type of packaging is highly dependent on the type of machinery in use.

  • A good package ensures the security and protection of the package.

  • The packaging process involves the use of a filling machine, tagging machine, capping machine and more to ensure it is reliable.

  • Vial Labelling Machine is important to any business since all firms have a legal obligation to define contents of their products in the correct manner. This includes placing appropriate expiry dates, warnings and other details about their product.

Thus, packaging machines are vital to businesses worldwide. Many surveys and analysis available online suggest the same. There is expected to be a sharp rise in the use of such machines during the period between 2016 to 2023. This growth is mainly due to the development of more energy-efficient packaging machinery and a great deal of innovation in this field. Besides which, the fact there is a high level of automation being introduced in the packaging industry, a rise in global consumption of consumer goods and increase usage of vacuum packaging machines is fueling this growth.

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