Different Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industries & their Applications

Packaging machinery enjoys extensive application in pharmaceutical companies as it performs all the necessary operations, starting all the way from washing to packaging of vials. The machines must perform their functions effectively as even the slightest of error can have huge repercussions. As pharmacy machine manufacturers, NKP Pharma has a wide array of packaging machines to offer, namely- Washing Machine, Liquid Filling Machine, Inspection Machine, Dry Powder Filling Machine, Sealing Machine, Labeling Machine, Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine, External Vial Washing & Drying Machine, and Carton Coding Machine.

Packaging Machines & their Applications

Dry Powder Filling Machine: Dry Powder filling machine is used to fill up the vials with the contents that are in the form of powder. It also has a mechanism for placing rubber stopper on top of the vials so that there is no leakage. Injectable dry powder filling machine uses vacuum/pressure dosing system in order to achieve greater precision levels even for the micronized powders. It is a highly compact and durable machine and is capable to perform long hour operations.

Sealing Machine: Vial sealing machine seals the vial after it gets filled with the content in liquid or powdered form. It provides hermetic seals, apart from capping vials, which protects the integrity of the drug inside the container. These drugs are used as a cure to treat patients suffering from diseases and hence care must be taken to maintain the sterility of the vial. Automatic high-speed vial sealing machine is also provided with compression pressure indication & rejection system.

Labeling Machine: Labeling of vials is very important as it helps to display the necessary information of the product, like- composition, company name, etc. To serve this purpose, labelling machines are used. The automatic self-adhesive vertical labeling machine is a very effective machine as it possesses the capability of having production rate of up to 240 vials/min. For ampoule labeling, Automatic high speed self adhesive vertical ampoule labelling machine is used whose production rate can be as high as 400 ampoules/min.

Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labeling Machine

Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine: Dry syrup powder filling machine is used for filling up containers or bottles with large volume powder. The production rate of the machine can differ from 100 bottles/min to 120 bottles/min. The machine has a robust structure and hence it can be used for a prolonged period. The dry syrup filling machine also consists of  ROPP cap sealing machine that operates on the bottles and seals them. It is a versatile machine and is capable of attending up to 120 bottles/min.

External Vial Washing & Drying Machine: The automatic external vial washing & drying machine is a multifaceted machine that performs the dual operation of washing and drying. The vial surface is washed thoroughly with the help of this machine and then later tried so that it gets filled with the suitable content. External Ampoule Washing Machine performs the same operation on ampoules instead of vials.

Carton Coding Machine: Carton coding machine is an advanced machinery developed to keep a track of all the products. There are two types of carton coding machine- Online and Offline Carton Coding Machine with Inspection and Rejection System. The machines have the capability of attending 250 carton/min.

Summary: Packaging machinery provides a complete solution to pharmaceutical companies. Dry powder filling machine is used to fill powder in vials. The sealing machine provides a hermetic seal to the container in order to protect it. Labeling machine puts label around the container in order to display specific information. For filling large volume powder in containers, Dry syrup powder filling machine is used. To ensure complete cleansing of vial and ampoule surfaces, external vial/ampoule washing & drying machine is employed. Carton coding machine keeps track of all the products after being packed.

The Bottom Line: NKP Pharma, with over 25 years of experience, has advanced manufacturing facilities and R&D unit at its disposal. These facilities ensure production of superior grade pharmaceutical packaging machinery that has a plethora of applications. The packaging machines produced by our company performs all the operation required to produce pharmaceutical products and hence are the most sought-after units by several companies.

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