Liquid Filling and Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt & African Region

The Egyptian pharmaceutical market has seen rapid development over the last 10 years. According to reports from the ministry of health and pharmaceutical players (Arab union of pharmaceutical manufacturers), the country is among the top consumers of pharmaceutical products in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Reports indicate that 70 % of the market is dominated by private segment while the remaining 30% is on the institutional players.

Market Statistics

According to these reports, the private sector manufacturing is valued at over 1.6 billion US dollars and this trend is still going on. The increasing demand for the prescription drugs supplied by private sectors has created a huge demand-pull for manufacturing and processing equipments such as the liquid filling machine, labeling machine and many more. To cater for this increasing demand, innovative technologies have been developed, which are able to enhance the processing and packaging efficiency leading to greater production capacity and profitability

Production Volume Requirements versus Machine Capacity

For achievement of the required output, it is crucial for manufactures to access the machine capacity in relation to their target production. Pharmaceutical bottle filling process is an end line process that must be handled with adequate attention for efficiency to be achieved.

The capacity of a liquid packing machine is determined by the number of bottles or vials that the equipment can pack per minute. During procurement, it is also important to consider other factors such as “no product – No fill” features, Ease of cleaning and maintenance, accuracy of the equipments and the durability of the machine.

Demand for the Liquid Filling Machine

To meet the increasing demand in prescription products, manufacturers must enhance their production efficiency through innovative processing and packing equipments. Multitasking in packing equipments has solved this problem. These are equipments, which can be re-calibrated to fill different types of bottles as the orders arise. Some heavily demanded products packed using the equipment include baby nose drops, eye ointments, nasal sprays, and the widely used cough syrups and decongestants.

aelf adhesive vertical labeling machine

Injectable Liquid Vial Filling Machine with Stoppering is one such equipment, which can execute rapid bottle packing with a speed of up to 100-120 vials per minute. It is important to note that the machine can dispense from 0.5 ml of liquid up to 100mls.

Liquid Filling Machines Installation and Usability of Filling Machines

The ease of installation and usage is also an important factor in liquid filling. The change over from one type of product to another must be smooth and easy to implement for efficiency to be achieved. Cleaning and rinsing must also be quick to implement during change over process. It is important to procure equipment that meets these important features for higher productivity to be realized.

Availability of Equipment

Nkp Pharma is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery, known for supply to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company has focused their strategy on emerging market from northern Africa where demand for efficient processing is on the increase.


There is an increase in demand for packaging equipment in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt and the rest of Africa. Efficiency and productivity are very important considerations during procurement of packing and filing machines. Nkp Pharma have developed the right filling machines to cater for this emerging market and offer efficient and durable range of equipment for all your processing requirements.

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