Application of Filling Machines in Pharmaceutical Industries

Filling machine is used for filling the vials or the ampoules with the medicinal content available either in the form of liquid or in powder. The machine must be able to perform precise filling operation and it should neither overfill nor underfill the containers.

NKP Pharma manufactures excellent quality filling machines that perform quick operation and ensures that there is no spillage during the procedure of filling. We offer a variety of filling machine in powder filling and liquid filling segments that are tweaked with the latest technology. These filling machines are also incorporated with rubber stoppering mechanisms so that the filled containers do not face the issue of leakage.

Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines fill the vials or ampoules with the pharmaceutical drugs that are available in the form of liquid. Types of liquid filling machine are- Automatic Injectable Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine, Automatic Peristaltic Pump Type Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine, Automatic Injectable Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering & Sealing Machine.
Automatic injectable liquid filling machine with rubber stoppering mechanism is a multi-purpose equipment that apart from filling, also places rubber stopper over the container. The production rate of the machine can reach up to 120 vials/min, depending upon the number of heads. Precise operation takes place with an accuracy of +/-1%.
Another type of liquid filling machine is automatic peristaltic pump type filling machine with rubber stoppering mechanism for hygienic application. Hygiene is of utmost importance for any pharmaceutical applications as even the slightest of the contaminants can damage the integrity of the formulations. The peristaltic liquid filling machine comprises of two pumps and has a working accuracy of +/-1%.
Automatic Injectable Liquid Filling with Rubber Stoppering & Sealing Machine performs multiple operations of filling, placing stoppers, and sealing the containers. It consists of a single pump making it capable of attending 10 to 15 vials per minute. With the help of this liquid machine variant, we obtain a sealed container filled with the respective content free from any adulteration and leakage issues.

Powder Filling Machine

For the filling of medicinal formulations that are available in the form of powders, powder filling machines are employed. Automatic injectable dry powder filling with rubber stoppering machine is a type of powder filling machine that incorporates a pick and place mechanism for placing rubber stoppers on top of the containers. The machine capacity ranges from 30 fills per minute to 120 fills per minute depending upon the number of doses.
There is a provision of incorporating Restricted Access Barrier systems or RABs with the powder filling machine. The RABs are necessary for the permanent expulsion of microorganisms and particulate matter from the working area. Hence, the entire operation of vial filling machine becomes safe and clean, free from any contaminants.

powder filling machine

Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

Dry syrup powder filling machine comes in 2 variants- Automatic Double Head Auger Type Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine and Automatic Monoblock Dry Syrup Powder Filling with Eight Head ROPP Cap Sealing Machine.

Automatic double head auger type dry syrup powder filling machine is a highly automated machine and is relatively convenient to operate. The bottles before being filled with dry powder are sterilized properly in order to make sure that they are in unadulterated condition. Filling capacity of the auger type filling machine varies from 5 gm to 50 gm by changing the funnel and auger.
Automatic monoblock dry syrup powder filling with eight head ROPP cap sealing machine performs the operation of filling and sealing the bottles. It has 2 stations for filling and sealing the bottles. This dry syrup powder filling machine needs an electric supply of 5.25 HP and incorporates bottles having a capacity between 15 ml to 250 ml.

Summary: Filling machine holds utmost importance for pharmaceutical industries. There are 3 types of filling machine as per the state of formulation- Liquid Filling Machine, Powder Filling Machine, and Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine. These machines perform precise operations and are also equipped with sealing and rubber stoppering mechanism. The sealing operation is required to protect the filled containers from getting contaminated.

The Bottom Line: NKP Pharma, with its state of the art manufacturing facilities, produces different variants of filling machines having good workability. The manufacturing practices employed at our facilities provide an assurance of long endurance of the machine and high production rate. The wide range of machines offered has varying output rates as per the requirement.

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